Today marks day 22 out of 45 for our session. We have been able to accomplish much in this short time period. I have had several successful bills go through the legislative process – you can view the status of my bills here as well as their content if you click through the links. Many of you will especially appreciate House Bill 33, which limits the number of hours and days that fireworks can be set off so as not to disturb neighbors, animals, etc. who were being adversely affected by late night fireworks. However, the approved aerial fireworks can still be enjoyed by all during the approved hours (with extension hours for holidays).

Thanks to all of those who participated in our Taylorsville town meeting last week. It is very helpful to be able to hear open discussion on the hot issues this session so I can best represent your opinions in the Legislature. For those who may have missed this meeting, you can come to our Kearns meeting this Wednesday at 7 pm at the Kearns Library.
Thank you again for your continued support. Many of you have sent emails about the issues or sent in your surveys and they have been very helpful.
Hope to see you on Wednesday! Don’t forget to send in your surveys if you haven’t yet done so.