I fight for your shared values.


  • I voted against the new food tax, I voted against the new gas tax and against property tax increases. I am focused on the issues that are important to our Community and believe that our citizens can spend their money better than the government can.

Economy and Jobs 

  • As a local business owner in Taylorsville, I understand the struggles of making payroll, keeping overhead low, and balancing a budget; all while dealing with burdensome regulations. That’s why he promotes fewer regulations and lower taxes- so business owners can create jobs and the economy can thrive.


  • I support Utah’s hard working teachers and our most valuable resource, Utah children. I believe the people of our state know what is best for our students and wants to keep federal bureaucrats out of the decision room so that Utahns can create the best, and unlimited, opportunities for our children to empower them for generations to come.

States’ Rights

  • I am a staunch defender of government transparency and accountability. I have championed efforts to preserve and protect an open political process because I know that as an elected official, I work for the citizens of Taylorsville and West Jordan. I fought political corruption, even within my own party, by heading up the committee investigating former Attorney General John Swallow. I then passed Utah’s most significant campaign finance reform in decades.

Transparency and Fighting Corruption

  • Decisions are best made on the local level and not by Washington D.C. bureaucrats who have never lived in Utah. I have fought federal overreach in education, public lands, and healthcare. Securing more rights for Utah is vital as we continue to explode in population and I want to have a seat at the table to discuss upcoming challenges so that Utahns are making decisions for the future of out great state.

Predatory Lending

  • I have made protecting consumers a priority. I believe individuals in need of financial help should not be preyed upon with overwhelming interest rates or long term loan extensions. I have been a champion for individuals with financial struggles by sponsoring and passing a bill that eliminated predatory lending practices.