On the House Floor, Rep. Dunnigan presented his bill HB 407: Support Animals Amendments.


Today, Rep. Dunnigan spoke at a conference for NAIFA and discussed several insurance bills coming up this session.

On the House Floor, Rep. Dunnigan presented SCR7, a concurrent resolution honoring firefighters and fire prevention efforts. Several members of the collective Fire Service in Utah were recognized for their selfless work.


Today, Rep. Dunnigan gave a tour of the Capitol to cub scouts from South Jordan.


He also met with 8th graders from The McGillis School, an independent, non-profit education organization. We toured the Utah House of Representatives, attended a committee meeting, and discussed pressing issues in Utah such as the opioid crisis.


Rep. Dunnigan chaired an exciting Business and Labor Committee meeting on Thursday night. Some of the topics on the agenda were: minimum wage, Medicaid expansion, and wastewater reuse amendments.


Today, Rep. Dunnigan was visited by extended family members, Scott and Bella on the House Floor.