As the second week of the legislative session is coming to a close, legislators are shaking their heads at how fast it is all going with only five weeks left. Rep. Dunnigan has already had two bills pass the House and he’s working on quite a few more. Here’s a brief overview of this past week:


During his first House election in 2003, a constituent and friend gave him a Lincoln penny saying, “As you represent our district…be honest like Abe and never forget every penny counts.”


Rep. Dunnigan met with a visiting junior high Constitution class. They loved his personal privilege introduction (a.k.a. House version of a shout-out) for their class during floor time.


There’s a calendar that depicts each legislator doing some form of exercise on nearly every desk in the House Chamber. Apparently, Rep. Dunnigan is going to take up biking this year.


As the Majority Leader in the House, Rep. Dunnigan often conducts the Majority Caucus lunch meetings. As a fun fact, those who conduct these meetings always use a gavel to open and close the meetings.


Team Dunnigan is hard at work today. Rep. Dunnigan gives these interns an amazing, fast-pace experience each session. This year he has three Skyline High School interns and one BYU intern.