Dear Fellow Utahn,

I am writing you today because my good friend, Republican Representative Jim Dunnigan, needs your support. Your vote matters on every level: federal, state, and local. If you don’t submit your ballot, we run the risk of Democrats picking up seats in Utah.

Jim has worked on the issues that matter most to Taylorsville and Kearns. He has fought to increase education funding by $275 million just this year without raising taxes. He supports our hardworking teachers and Utah’s most precious resource, our children.

Jim has fought the Obama agenda in order to defend states’ rights. He knows decisions are best made at the local level, not by Washington, D.C. bureaucrats. He has fought federal overreach in education and healthcare.

Jim is a small business owner right here in Taylorsville. He understands the struggles of running a business, making payroll and dealing with burdensome government regulations. Jim defends small business and champions economic development. His leadership has helped Utah become the best state for business.

I wholeheartedly support Jim Dunnigan and encourage you to do the same by mailing in your ballot.


Gary Herbert
Governor of Utah