Below is a clarifying press release regarding ABU’s recent false claims regarding my vote to move the Utah State Prison. Thank you UAATP.

“The Utah Association of Addiction Treatment Providers strongly condemns the efforts of the Alliance for a Better Utah to distort the record of Representative Jim Dunnigan. 

Through an independent expenditure campaign, ABU would let voters believe that Representative Dunnigan supported legislation to move the Utah State Prison to profit developers. 

We at UAATP know nothing could be further from the truth. As an organization formed to fight for the rights of people with substance use disorders and mental health issues, UAATP approached representative Dunnigan to carry the message that any new facility must be built with the intention of serving needs of those suffering from these diagnoses in a therapeutic manner.  It was only after our concerns were met that Representative Dunnigan agreed to support the legislation. 

With that in mind we ask the voters to tell ABU to stop distorting Representative Dunnigan’s record.” – UAATP