2014 Constituent Survey
Representative Jim Dunnigan
Response: 452

Question 1:      In 2004, the following amendment was approved by 66% of Utah voters: “Marriage consists only of the legal union between a man and a woman.” If that amendment to Utah’s constitution were on the ballot today, how would you vote?
FOR:                    68%
AGAINST:           29%
Question 2:
(a)Do you believe that individual states have the right to define marriage?
YES:                     64%
NO:                      31%
UNDECIDED:      5%
(b) Recently, a Federal judge in Utah ruled that same sex marriages should be permitted. This decision is currently being appealed. Do you support Utah’s budgeting money to appeal the court’s decision?

SUPPORT:            57%

OPPOSE:              41%
UNDECIDED:       2%

Question 3:      The Utah Legislature may consider a bill this year that would increase the age when an individual can legally buy cigarettes and other tobacco products from 19 to 21. Do you support this?
YES:                     62%
NO:                      30%
UNDECIDED:      8%
Question 4:      Wood burning stoves and fireplaces account for about 10% of Salt Lake’s air pollution. Burning wood in a fireplace for 1 hour contributes as much pollution as driving a car for 1,000 miles. Should enforcement be increased on no burn days?
YES:                        66%
NO:                         23%
UNDECIDED:        11%
Question 5:      Currently, the Utah attorney general is an elected position. Should this position remain elected, or be appointed by the governor?
ELECTED:                70%
APPOINTED:           17%
UNDECIDED:          13%
Question 6:         
(a) Gas tax is used to build and maintain roads. Utah’s gas tax is currently a flat tax of 25.5 cents per gallon. Studies show that more money is needed to maintain our roads. Which of the following would you support?

NO INCREASES:                21%
INCREASE GAS TAX:         42%

(b) If Utah were to change the gas tax, should it remain a flat tax of 25.5 cents per gallon, or should it be changed to a percentage of the total purchase price of gasoline so that as the price of gasoline fluctuates, the gas tax would also fluctuate?  

PERCENTAGE TAX:         24%
FLAT TAX:                       76%

Question 7:      Currently, about 20% of the state’s overall budget is designated to Medicaid. As part of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), Utah has the option of expanding Medicaid to cover 111,000 more Utahns at an additional cost of about 60 million dollars per year. Do you support:
NO MEDICAID EXPANSION:                  38%
FULL MEDICAID EXPANSION:               30%

Question 8: Revenue estimates indicate a possible budget surplus this year. If this is the case, how should this money be distributed? Rank in order of priority with 1 being the most important.

1 – Public Education
2 – Reduce Income and Sales Tax
3 – Rainy Day Fund
4 – Public Safety
5 – Transportation
6 – Higher Education      
Others: Clean air
                Return money to tax payer
                Reduce taxes

Question 9: The legislature is considering revising the state’s liquor laws. What would you like to see happen? Check all that apply.
DO NOTHING:                                            144
ALLOW MORE LICENSES:                       199
REMOVE VISUAL BARRIERS:                  178
OTHER:                                                        23

Government out of liquor business
Privatize liquor sales
Keep current or restrict more
            All liquors allowed to be sold at grocery stores