Constituent Survey Results 2009

Here are the results from the 2009 constituent survey. Thank you to all who filled it out. I appreciate your input, and take your views into consideration as I vote. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at

Survey Questions:

1. Utah’s economic downturn will require budget adjustments in every area. In light of the declining tax revenues, please rank from 1 to 9 the following state programs, with 1 being the highest priority for funding and 9 being the lowest.

___ Public Education
___ Illegal Immigration
___ Transportation
___ Higher Education
___ Public Safety/Corrections
___ Rainy Day Funds
___ Healthcare
___ Environmental Quality
___ Other__________________

2. Ethics Reform is a high priority in the 2009 legislative session. Please rank your priorities from 1 to 6, with 1 being the highest priority.

___ Gift ban
___ Campaign contribution limits commission
___ Ban on personal use of campaign
___ A one year ban before a

contributions Legislator becomes a lobbyist
___ Independent ethics
___ Other__________________

3. The Governor has proposed modifying Utah’s liquor laws. Do you support or oppose the following:

Eliminating private club fees at Utah’s bars.
___ Support ___ Oppose ___ Undecided

Banning minors from the bar area of restaurants.
___ Support ___ Oppose ___ Undecided

4. Even though Utah’s revenues are down, transportation needs are increasing. Which options do you support to fund transportation?

___ Transfer money from other state programs
___ Increase gas tax economy to improve
___ Increase car registration fees
___ Use Rainy Day Funds
___ Borrow by bonding
___ Do nothing and wait for the
___ Other__________________

5. A series of bills dealing with civil rights based on sexual orientation has been proposed. Do you support or oppose the following:

Health Insurance benefits for domestic partners.
___ Support ___ Oppose ___ Undecided

Creating housing rights based on sexual orientation.
___ Support ___ Oppose ___ Undecided

Prohibiting job termination based on sexual orientation.
___ Support ___ Oppose ___ Undecided

6. Do you support or oppose the following immigration reform:

A guest-worker program to relieve the employment problems faced by local businesses.
___ Support ___ Oppose ___ Undecided

Penalties for employers who hire undocumented workers.
___ Support ___ Oppose ___ Undecided

Denying all social services to illegal immigrants.
___ Support ___ Oppose ___ Undecided

7. In an effort to make up for a decrease in tax revenues, various tax increases have been proposed. What do you think should happen in the following areas:

Sales Tax on food
___ Increased ___ Decreased ___ Stay the same

Tobacco Tax
___ Increased ___ Decreased ___ Stay the same

Income Tax
___ Increased ___ Decreased ___ Stay the same

Property Tax
___ Increased ___ Decreased ___ Stay the same

8. Ways to improve motor vehicle safety are being considered in this legislative session. Which of the following do you support?

___ A ban on cell phone use while driving
___ Limiting cell phone use to hands free devices while driving
___ Making driving without a seatbelt a primary offense

Dear Constituents

As your representative for House District 39, I am grateful and honored for the opportunity to serve you. Having lived in our area for 31 years, I share your concerns and goals for our community. I own and operate a small business in Taylorsville. With my wife, Vicki, we reared two wonderful children and educated them in local schools.

Our community and families continue to face many important issues such as:

• Education – I worked to pass historic funding increases for teacher salaries and classroom size reduction. I will continue to support our educators and children at the Capitol.
• Transportation – Our community must be the highest priority for future road improvements. I will continue to fight for the enhancement of local East-West/North-South corridors—with no toll roads.
• Health Care – Because the current system is costly and confusing, I sponsored legislation to expand insurance to children, promote wellness programs and provide less expensive benefit packages for small businesses. I will remain tenacious in advancing needed reforms.

Independents, Republicans, Democrats, business organizations, education groups and others publicly endorse my efforts on Capitol Hill. Together, our community has accomplished much, but our work is not complete. I need your vote on Nov. 4th to continue our work.

Rep. Jim Dunnigan